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This is why I do what I do:
I am married and a Mother of four, enjoying being a stay at home mom at the time, who was diagnosed with CML Leukemia. At the time of my diagnosis the doctor's told me my cancer came from "my environment", (what I inhaled, digested and absorbed over my life span) it was not an inherited or genetic disease". In other words, what I was using daily, affected my immune system. I have now taken four years to learn, study, research and by attending medical conferences to understand what is in "my environment" not only becoming a Toxic Awareness Speaker, but at the same time a leukemia survivor! I know now, this on going education has kept me as a cancer survivor. I know enjoy passing on this educational information to help other's too! Yes! Prevention is the key to life! Maybe my analytically mind had a lot to do with it, I used to work in International Accounting...So my mind set is "Find the solution, solve the problem". I obviously applied these concepts with my illness!

We all have been touched by this deadly disease whether it be with us personally or someone we dearly loved, the stats for cancer is 1-6 in Ohio. Before the cleaner, whiter, bleach era(I call it) cancer was 1-500(way back in the 1950's)!!!


The EPA reports toxic chemicals in our home cleaning and personal care products are 3 - 5 times more likely to cause cancer than outside pollutants. The EPA warns the nation’s worst pollution is inside our homes. A number of homes tested have toxic chemical levels 70 times higher inside the home than outside.

The President’s Toxic Substances Strategy Committee warns toxic chemicals in our home environment trigger 90% of all cancers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission connects 150 toxic chemicals in our homes to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.

The EPA warns toxic chemicals in household cleaners cause women working at home to have a 55% higher cancer risk than women working outside the home.

The Mayo clinic warns Formaldehyde (Q15) is a formaldehyde releaser, which means it can release formaldehyde its self and it is in most household and personal care products to preserve them. It can irritate the respiratory system, cause skin reactions, and trigger heart palpitations, aggravate coughs, colds, trigger asthma. Serious side effects include weakening the immune system and cancer. More seriously, it is a human mutagen and is carcinogenic.

The Harvard School of Public Health warns, Formaldehyde can cause headaches, depression, joint pain, chronic fatigue, chest pains ear infections, dizziness and loss of sleep.

The California Public Research Group warns Phenol, which is used in most household disinfectants, can cause cancer, deactivate the sensory nerve endings, and damage the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. 

There has been a 30% increase in breast cancer since 1982.Breast cancer is the Number ONE killer of women between 35 and 54. Primary suspects are laundry detergents, household cleaners and pesticides according to the National Cancer Association.

June 14th,Saturday, leaving in am for vacation and will return late Sunday June 22nd
Monday, June 23rd I will be teaching classes at Parkview Memorial Hospital Education Center! 

Good article to share below!!! Hand sanitizers – 9 reasons you should think before using them!
Dr.Pavitra Sampath November 1, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Is a boom for many. All you have to do is take out this little bottle of this viscous liquid, squeeze a bit on your hand, rub them together and you are good to go.

Hand sanitizers, as the manufacturers say, kill 99.9% bacteria. And it is true, they do. But, the reason it was invented was to use them when one has little or no access to clean water and soap. So are they really good for us considering how often we use them? Here are eight reasons hand sanitizers are best used only when absolutely necessary.

Check the alcohol content: The bottle says it kills all the germs on your hands. But there is a catch here. For it to act properly, the concentration of the alcohol in the bottle needs to be above 60%. If it isn't you might as well rub some sweet smelling liquid on your hands. Since the rampant sale of this ‘miracle’, there have been a number of products that are cheaper and promise to give you the same effects. Beware, look at the ingredients and check for the percentage of alcohol. 59% is not good enough. Cheaper is not always better.

Not so good for kids: We all know that kids come with the increased liability of touching unclean things and putting their hands in their mouths. And helicopter moms have found the new age solution to their woes – hand sanitizers. But, if you have ever read the fine print behind the bottle you will see a warning telling you to keep it away from kids. That is because your child could be seriously harmed if he/she ingested it. There have been a number of reported incidences of alcohol poisoning in children due to hand sanitizers. While in the case of adults a person would need to swallow large quantities for something untoward to happen, for children a small amount is enough. Added to the risk is the fact that kids tend to put things in their mouths – and the sweet, fruity odor only makes them want to consume it even more. So, keep your kids away from the stuff and if you do use hand sanitizers make sure you make them use it in front of you. 

Can lower your child’s immunity: In a study published in the Science Daily, carried out by the Northwestern Research Center found that a child’s immunity is seriously affected by the use of hand sanitizers. They found that more kids were falling ill due to innocuous and preventable diseases after the long term use of the agent. The study specifically looked for the production of inflammatory products; called C-reactive protein (CRP) in the children’s urine samples. They concluded that ultra clean environments during the early stages of a child’s life lowers their immunity to such a level that their body’s defense mechanism is in a constant fighting mode, which leads to weakened immunity. This causes serious effects when they grow older as well, these adults have a weak immune system and an extremely sensitive inflammatory response that makes them vulnerable to various diseases as adults.(Read: Natural remedies to boost your immune system)

Triclosan in some sanitizers can wreak havoc on your health: Some hand sanitizers don’t have alcohol content and use triclosan instead. Triclosan is an anti bacterial and anti fungal agent and is commonly used in a variety of soaps and cleaning agents. But, did you know that it is an active ingredient in pesticides? Another thing to consider is the fact that the compound has been widely touted as an agent that causes the formation of super bugs or antibiotic resistant bacteria. Triclosan, as a component, is capable of quickly being absorbed into the skin and entering the blood stream[1], once there, it is known to cause various side effects like cancer, allergies, hormonal and neurological ill effects and muscle weakness [2]. More importantly, it is known to cause infertility. (Read: Top ten things that can cause infertility). Triclosan can be found also in Detergent, hand soap, bar soap, lip balm, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, Conditioner, deodarants and many lotions.

What affects microbes can affect us too: One of the often used compounds in hand sanitizers is Benzalkonium Chloride. Its main function is to dissolve the outer covering of the bacterial cells, in turn killing them. But this compound is about as bad for our cells as it is for the microbes. The compound has been found to increase the irritation within the mucosal lining and can aggravate allergic reactions. According to some studies it is also highly toxic to fishes and birds as well.

That sweet smell can be highly toxic: That odor of sanitizers that you love so much is due to the inclusion of a compound called phthalates. These compounds easily leach into foods and then into your body. So using a sanitizer instead of soap before your meal might not be that good an idea. Moreover, in a study conducted by the CDC (centre for disease control) it was found that children now showed 20 times more phthalate metabolite content in their bodies than any time in the past. A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives [3]showed that derivatives of this compound leads to hormonal (broadly endocrine system) disruptions, and have been found to cause breast cancer in women. Moreover, even a small amount of consumption of this compound does tend to have an additive effect on the body, since it easily combines with other toxic chemicals, only aggravating the ill effects of other chemicals.

Another study conducted by the CDC [4] states that the components of phthalates can cause birth defects in children by affecting the hormonal levels in to-be mothers. A popular study called the Swan study[5], showed that women who were exposed to excessive phthalates gave birth to boys who suffered from a wrongly positioned anal opening and posed a higher risk of them being infertile or have lower fertility than normal.

Does not clean all residues: After using a hand sanitizer you might feel that your hands are clean, but it does not take off the entire residue. Things like fats and sugar deposits do not get affected or cleaned without the use of soap. So using it as a method to clean your hands after eating that yummy cheese popcorn will do you no good. In fact these residues tend to pick up more dirt, making your hands dirtier than before.

Can damage skin: While most hand sanitizers do claim to have moisturizing effects, too much or continuous use of the agent can damage the skin. In some cases it may even cause your hands to become rougher than normal.

So, the next time you open your bag for the sanitizer, think again!


Novemer 11, 2013

As a cancer survivor, mother of four and Toxicologist Educator, this is my recommendation to avoid toxic products in your home, on your body, and in your environment! This is my passion to educate the public and work at changing the cancer stats of 1-6 in Ohio! You can take all the prescriptions you want but, if you don't change your indoor environment and stop absorbing the chemicals you use daily, you will never improve your health and wellness! “Change what you can change and see the results of that change!”